The region’s only certified manufacturer of aerospace hoses

Kiwi Flyer Article

Having made a decision to commence operations just as Covid started to close the economy down two years ago, HP Aviation Hoses have become well versed in living up to their own tagline of ‘Performance Under Pressure’. As the only aerospace hose manufacturer in the region, they have now successfully built a business off the back of extensive industry experience and customer interactions that go beyond normally expected service levels.

Director Jamie Hughes says that the company was set ulugust of 2020 with the goal to ensure aviation hose man   ring capability was available in the region, delivered with “goo   -fashioned customer service”.

Their five-person team comprises Jamie and fellow business owner Stephen Plummer, alongside the only Stratoflex trained hose-manufacturing experts in the region, Neil Burton, Ashley O’Rafferty and hose-shop manager, Kerry Barclay. Together, they bring over 50 years of hose manufacturing experience to the business.

Stephen explains some of the motivation behind the business: “Parker Hannifin – Scratoflex is the leading aviation hose requested by customers who demand the highest levels of quality and reliability. We knew that when the last remaining aviation hose shop in the region was being closed in July 2020, it would leave customers needing support. So, starting a new business in the middle of Covid wasn’t as crazy as it sounded”

The new company was awarded the exclusive discriburion of Stratoflex products in 2020 as part of an agreement with Parker Hannifin to ensure the return of aviation hose manufacturing and product support back into the Oceania region.

With Covid lockdowns and travel restrictions at the time, getting started wasn’t as easy as it might have been. Jamie says that “Stephen and I are located remotely from the business’s manufacturing facility in Victoria, Australia. Thus with the Covid restrictions in 2020 we relied on the expertise of Kerry, Neil and Ashley to physically cake the brand-new empty building and fit it out to the highest industry standards. Manufacturing quality products starts with getting the basics established correctly right from the beginning. The quality and cleanliness of our manufacturing clean room is amazing. We invite any customer to come and take a look.”

The combination of the new facility with purpose-built fit our and building to the exact manufacturing processes specified by Parker Hannifin, allowed HP Aviation Hoses to obtain CASA ATSOA Part 21.0 certification. This certification gives customers the assurance that the hoses are built to specification with full back-to-birth traceability, for life.

The team at HP Aviation Hoses shares a passion in driving customer service and live by their motto to ensure their customers get ‘the right part, right on time’. Sometimes ordering hoses can be difficult, especially if the hoses are no longer clearly marked or, worse still, not tagged at all. Hose shop manager, Kerry Barclay says chat HP Aviation Hoses removes the guess work and provides the solutions.

Kerry continues, “The service we provide goes beyond just filling orders. We work closely with our cusromers to eliminate risks for their business. If ordering hose part numbers is unclear, just send us the old hoses and we’ll make exactly the same hoses as those removed. That’s our speciality! This is what gives our customers peace of mind that the hoses will fit right, the first go… saving precious time, money and keeping their platform operational.”

Jamie says that with two years of business now under their belts, the HP team would like to pass on their gratitude and to thank their many loyal New Zealand customers for their business and support. “With daily international shipments, over 50 years of combined hose manufacturing experience and a focus on total customer service, be assured that HP Aviation Hoses will continue to support the New Zealand Aviation community.”

Kiwi Flyer Editorial Issue #83 2022